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4 Channel OCXO 10 MHz Reference with NTP option

Category: NTP Time Servers

Four Channel , 10MHz GNSS Locked with NTP Time Server Option



A precision low noise four channel GPS locked frequency reference. The unit is available as a low noise OCXO based reference or as an ultra-stable atomic based reference. The NR1111 was designed as a versatile platform allowing for additional frequency outputs synthesized from the 10MHz, PPS outputs including NMEA data.  An optional NTP time server function is available. The hardware outputs can be configured for either PPS or 10MHz thereby allowing each output to be either a PPS or 10MHz The event function allows an external LVCMOS signal to initiate a time/position stamp that can be reviewed locally or an email can be sent to a remote location with the time and position information. The LCD provides local status and control.  An optional atomic holdover capability is available to maintain the NTP time server in the event of GPS loss. Discrete front panel indicators provide a rapid visual indication.


  • OCXO or atomic holdover
  • optional NTP time server with atomic holdover
  • self-test provides unit status with indicator and relay contact signal
  • unit features four outputs that are all transient and fault protected -  fault status for each channel drives a front panel LED
  • low phase noise  - 135dBc/Hz @ 1 KHz (OCXO)
  • optional synthesized channel provides 1.544, 2.048 or 5 MHz (custom available)
  • PPS - 20ns RMS accuracy
  • versatile platform with user interface to enable customization of alarms, timers or other functions
  • GPS NEMA data and the PPS signal are accessible via rear panel connectors
  • front panel status indicators for channel faults, antenna fault or open, oven and unit alert
  • Optional NTP Time Server NTP Protocol Version 3

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