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Time Server Clocks

NTP (Network Time Protocol) is a highly-precise and convenient way to transfer time via the network. NTP time source is available for free on the Internet, or can be bought for independent use.

POE (Power Over Ethernet) utilizes the technology that delivers DC power to Ethernet connected devices. POE enables data and power transfer simultaneously through one standard network cable, which makes the deployment of network equipment more cost-effective.

 The Novus NNTP4/4 and NNTP4/6 bring together all the advantages of PoE technology and real-time synchronized systems to the market: a precise time source from the Internet, and data and power over the same set of wires, which guarantees high precision and low cost.


NTP Time Server Reference PPS

NTP Time Server | PPS

NTP, NMEA, PPS, 10 MHz and synthesized custom frequencies. 26 channel GNSS receiver featuring high sensitivity that locks under weak signal conditions. The low phase noise 10 MHz OCXO stability of 5 ppb/day. Atomic holdover option is available. Four outputs can be configured to be all 10 MHz or the built-in synthesizer can be programmed to meet a unique system need. Built-in time stamp allows a system event to be recorded and data to be transmitted to a control location via the internet.

Single Channel NTP time server with Dual Time Base option

NR2110-O-G with NTP Timer Server

Single channel GNSS locked OCXO, 10 MHz frequency reference with PPS. The unit features Auto-Calibration so that the most recent coefficients to compensate the OCXO for drift due to aging and/or temperature are stored and applied to the OCXO during GPS loss of lock conditions. Maximum frequency step at lock transistion < 10 ppb. High performance 26 channel GNSS receiver that supports GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, QZSS. By being able to receive data from multiple satellite constellations, lower lock time is achieved. With twice the number of satellites in view, as a GPS only configuration, achieving and maintaining lock in poor signal environments is enhanced. Optional NTP time server provides NTP accuracy to your application. Add dual time base and a completely independent time base will assure the integrity of your timing source.

Portable Time Servers

Portable NTP Time Server

Provides NTP, NMEA, 10 MHz and PPS. 26 Channel GNSS receiver and built-in antenna provides rapid locking and sustained locking. Operates in a simulate mode when GNSS lost based upon OCXO holdover stability. Internet port allows remote monitoring and time and position stamping.