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10 Channel Rubidium Reference Featuring Low Phase Noise


10 Channel OCXO Low Phase Noise Rubidium Frequency Reference


The phase noise for a standard Rubidium source is not acceptable for some applications. Our low noise Rubidium frequency reference incorporates a low noise OCXO that is locked to the Rubidium source. This combination gives you the best of two technologies - the stability of Rubidium and the low noise of an OCXO. This single rack unit chassis, having ten channels, frequently meets the needs of complex systems and often eliminates the need for a distribution amplifer.

· temperature stability <3E-10

· harmonics <25 dBc Output amplitude 6.0 dBm

 -Phase Noise (dBc/Hz)
10Hz     -125
100Hz   -140
1K         -145
10K       -150

· excellent holdover stability <5E-11/month

- outputs are fault protected and monitored continously

- built-in test circuitry throughout the design

- power supplies, signal present are monitored.

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