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Signal Converters

Frequently a sine wave is not the most desirable format for a reference. In some applications, a very high slew rate is required and a square wave is needed.

Very often copper coaxial cable is not the ideal transport means for a reference. In an electromagnetically active environment, copper coaxial cable can pick-up noise and degrade the reference. Fiber optic cable is basically immune to electromagnetic interference.

The NF0100 was designed to easily convert a reference signal to a more compatible format:

Sine wave to a square wave
Square wave to a sine wave
Sine wave to a fiber optic signal- 1300 nm -single and multi-mode
Fiber optic to a sine or square wave
Pulsed waveform (such as PPS) to fiber optic
Pulsed fiber optic back to electrical pulse

NF0100-LN offers phase noise performance that one could only get from copper---140dBc/Hz