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NMEA-PPS Source Kit

Category: NMEA PPS

GPSDO Kit for NMEA Data and PPS Signal


· complete kit for applications that require NMEA data and the PPS signal and no10 MHz sine output

· PPS output accuracy to 20 ns rms

· USB NMEA data output for time stamping, location and other GPS information related purposes

· USB powered or can be powered from a DC source (-60 to +60 VDC) or an AC power adapter is available

· compact 1.5" x 5" x 4" package - ideal for embedded applications - now available in a "flanged chassis" to enable direct mounting to a blind flat surface

· self-test provides unit status with indicator and relay contact signal

· GPS lock signal and indicator allows system to know when the unit signal is being controlled by GPS -   alerts to potential problems

· kit includes NP6700,  magnetic mount antenna and power adapter

· add portability with a high impact plastic waterproof case


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