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NMEA/PPS Simulated source

Category: NMEA PPS

NMEA, PPS Simulator

Source for NMEA and PPS without the need of a GPS signal

The NP6700-NP provides an accurate source of PPS and NMEA data in a non-GNSS signal enviroment. A high performance OCXO provides 50 ppb/year stability or a TCXO with 1 ppm/year stablility is available. The synthesized PPS drives an internal NMEA simulator. The unit can be powered from the USB port (TCXO) or from a DC source from -60 to +60 VDC in three ranges. The clock can be set vis the serial port to any value and will then be maintained by the synthesized PPS.

  • NMEA serial data that can be pre-set via the serial port
  • OCXO stability of 50 ppb/year
  • Low cost TCXO platform 1 ppm/year
  • Factory configurable duty cycle.
  • Define what NMEA strings will be sent, time and lock status- RMC, ZDA, GGA
  • Set the NMEA time via the serial port
  • PPS can be set to continue with or without GPS signal access
  • Available with LVDS PPS output option
  • 26 channel GNSS Receiver






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