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Ten Channel PPS Simulator


10 Channel PPS Simulator

OCXO, Rubidium or Cesium based PPS Source


The NR2310-PPS is a 10 channel PPS source for PPS simulation providing a stable source when GNSS is unavailable. The platform is offered with an OCXO or atomic time base to meet the stability needs for the application. The amplifiers are fault and transient protected and can drive 50 Ohm or CMOS loads. Channel skewing is typically less than 5 ns.

● Ten fault and transient protected channels
● Channel skewing typically less than 5 ns
● Select from an OCXO or atomic source to achieve required stability
● PPS 3.3 vdc into 50 Ohms or up to 5 Vdc into 1 KOhm


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