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NMEA PPS Sources

Sources provide NMEA information and the pulse per second (PPS) signal without the cost of a 10 MHz ouput. The NP6700 can be powered from AC or DC or directly from the USB port on your laptop. The NR4300-LT offers a PCB assembly that can be easily integrated.  The NR2310-PPS can be configured to provide 10 PPS channels ideal for multi-channel software defined radio systems. The NT9400 is a completely portable solution that also offers a atomic holdover option ideal for unreliable GNSS signal enviroments. The NR3620-LT can be operated from -60 to +60 Vdc.With built-in synthesizer, configure the NR3700 to be a PPS simulator. The NR4420 offers a complete reference but also includes a stabilized PPS that reduces PPS jitter by over 18 dB.

For very demanding applications, consider the Novus high stability PPS option. This adds a processing loop to achieve a pulse to pulse stability mean of under 40 psec

Sub Categories

USB Powered NMEA

PPS signal is 3.3V CMOS with a 20ns rms accuracy. The NMEA 0183 data is available via a USB-B port on the front panel. Unit is DC powered from (-60 to +60 VDC in three ranges) or can be USB powered. The lock and self-test status is presented on the front panel with an indicator and also available on the rear panel connector via solid state relay contacts.

OCXO Simulated PPS

Low noise high stability OCXO drives a frequency synthesizer that generates PPS signal. Stability options to 10 year projected of ±200 ppb. Factory settable pulse width. Operates from DC power from -60 to +60 Vdc in three ranges. AC power adapter available.

Multi Channel References

Multi-Channel PPS/NMEA


NMEA-PPS source that derives master timing from either a NMEA-PPS external source, Internal GNSS receiver or an internal high stability OCXO based simulator. You establish each signal source priority and it will automatically switch to the priority source. Front panel display option shows instrument status, time position and more.

Portable NMEA PPS

Provides NTP, NMEA, 10 MHz and PPS. 26 Channel GNSS receiver and built-in antenna provides rapid locking and sustained locking. Operates in a simulate mode when GNSS lost based upon OCXO holdover stability. Internet port allows remote monitoring and time and position stamping.