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NP3001 Portable NMEA/PPS Simulator

Category: NMEA PPS

NMEA PPS Simulator- NP3001

NMEA-PPS master timing from GNSS or Serial data or OCXO disciplined timing

GPS Locked, low noise OCXO, 10 MHz frequency reference locked to a 26 channel multi- satellite system receiver provides fast TTFF. Unit produces 10 MHz, PPS, NMEA with a simulated NMEA and PPS when no GPS signal is available. A master NMEA and PPS input allow synchronization with an external source across multiple units. Auto calibration maintains output stability in an intermittent GPS environment. Battery provides in excess of 8 hours of use. Unit can be powered from an external 12 Vdc source. Available without display.

  • High stability OCXO hold-over
  • Autocalibration
  • Embedded 26 Channel GNSS receiver provides fast TTFF
  • Over 8 hours of battery service life


 NR2210 PN


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