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NTP Time Server with Atomic Holdover

Category: NTP Time Servers

NTP Time Server with Frequency Reference, PPS, GNSS locked and Optional Atomic Holdover 


The NT6700 is a versatile platform providing precise timing information in a number of formats to meet complex system needs - NTP, NMEA, PPS, 10 MHz and synthesized custom frequencies. The source of timing information is a 26 channel GNSS receiver featuring high sensitivity. The low phase noise 10 MHz OCXO, locked to the GNSS, provides holdover stability of 5 ppb/day. For more demanding applications, an atomic holdover option is available maintaining PPS drift at tens of microseconds per day. Four outputs can be configured to be all 10 MHz or the built-in synthesizer can be programmed to meet a unique system need. All outputs synchronized to the GNSS. Built-in time stamp allows a system event to be recorded and data to be transmitted to a control location via the internet.


  • NTP V03 time server capable of handling over 2500 tranactions/second
  • optional atomic holdover maintains timing accuracy < 20 usec /24 hours
  • precision 10 MHz frequency reference
  • optional frequencies synthesized from the GPS locked 10 MHz (14 KHz to 10 MHz)
  • output (LVCMOS) 20 ns rms
  • five outputs can be configured for multiple PPS or frequency outputs
  • RS232 NMEA
  • LCD display provides time, events, status
  • event function records events and e-mails alerts

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