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NTP Time Server with Frequency Reference option

Category: NTP Time Servers
SKU: NTP0100

NTP Time Server with Frequency Reference, PPS, NEMA and GNSS Locked Reference


The NTP0100 is a versatile platform providing precise timing information in a number of formats to meet complex system needs - NTP, NMEA, PPS and 10 MHz . The source of timing information is a 26 channel GNSS receiver featuring high sensitivity. The low phase noise 10 MHz OCXO, locked to the GNSS, provides holdover stability of 5 ppb/day.NTP time server capable of handling over 2500 tranactions/second. Configure to meet your system needs - as complex and cost effective as required 


  • precision 10 MHz frequency reference option
  • PPS output (LVCMOS) 15 ns rms accuracy @1sigma
  • RS232 NMEA
  • LCD Display provides time, status-optional

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