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10 Channel PPS Source ideal for SDR- Atomic Holdover Option


10 Channel PPS Source


Ten transient and fault protected PPS outputs with < 5 ns of channel skewing. Single rack unit design frequently eliminates the need for a distribution amplifier,saving rack space and reducing multiple channel noise. Each channel is monitored and status displayed on the front panel. Built-in self-test drives a signal that can be tied into an alarm panel.  Atomic holdover option holds PPS drift to less than 400ns/hour ideal for GPS unstable environments.10 MHz frequency reference output available to stabilize local oscillators.

● ten fault and transient protected outputs

● ten channels frequently eliminate the need for a distribution amplifier

● channel skewing < 5 ns

● drives 3.3 VDC LVCMOS into 50 Ohms, 5 VDC CMOS into 1000 Ohms

● PPS accuracy < 30 ns  rms

● optional 10 MHz low noise GPS locked output

● optional Cesium atomic holdover maintains PPS in unreliable conditions

● available as an atomic PPS source for GPS denied environments

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