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NMEA PPS source wide operating power

Category: NMEA PPS

NMEA and PPS Source AC or DC (-60 +60VDC), GPS locked


The NR3620-LT is a cost effective source for NMEA and PPS when a 10 MHz sine is not required. It uses the same GNSS receiver as our frequency references operating well under weak signal conditions. Not having the 10 MHz sine reduces the overall cost of the unit without compromising performance. The serial NMEA port is standard NMEA 0183 and software can be downloaded from our site to allow observation and control functions. The PPS signal is standard 3 volt logic, fault and transient protected with a drive capability of ±30ma for low impedance loads with an over accuracy of 10ns rms. There are indicators and signals for unit status and GPS lock state. The unit operates from 12 VDC.Transient protected with an operating range of 9 to 15 VDC. There is also an AC power adapter available.

- PPS output accuracy to 20 ns rms

- RS232 NMEA data output for time stamping, location and other GPS information related purposes

- nominal input power is 12 VDC -  an AC power adapter is available.

- versatile power options that include -60 to +60 VDC

- compact 1.5" x 5" x 4" package - ideal for embedded applications - now available in a "flanged chassis" to enable direct mounting to a blind flat surface

- self-test provides unit status with indicator and relay contact signal

- GPS lock signal and indicator allows system to know when the unit signal is being controlled by GPS -  alerts to potential problems

- available in a kit form which includes reference, antenna, 50' cable and power adapter

- add portability with a high impact plastic waterproof case

- the NR3620-LT is an economical and convenient source for NMEA data and the PPS signal - it incorporates a high performance GPS receiver that operates well in low signal environments.

- outputs are transient and fault protected

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