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NMEA PPS and NTP Sources

NMEA, PPS and NTP data are required in navigational, positioning, seismic and countless other systems. Novus sources generate NMEA and PPS data under a variety of conditions- our GNSS products provide standard NMEA-0183 at programmable rates and content. Our simulators synchronize to the GNSS and continue to provide data even after GNSS signals are lost with high stability OCXO or atomic references. Our PPS sources offer jitter levels stabilized to the OCXO (P-P < 50 ps). The NR8700 NTP time server has two internal independent time bases to assure the integrity of your timing system.  Novus Product Summary

PPS Pulse to Pulse Jitter

PPS stability NR2110 ROG SM

USB Powered NMEA/PPS Source

USB Powered NMEA

OCXO Simulated PPS Sources

OCXO Simulated PPS Source

NMEA/PPS Modular Source

NP3301 small

Portable NMEA/PPS Source

Portable NMEA PPS Source

NTP Time Servers


Single Channel 10 MHz with NTP Option

NMEA/PPS Sources