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10 MHz Frequency Reference Technical Data

Frequency References


Lock-In Amplifers



  • NR2310-C          Ten output Cesium 10 MHz reference
  • NR2410-C          2 Channel benchtop
  • NR4500-S          Wide operating Cesium Source
  • NR4500-P          Battery Powered Cesium reference
  • NR4300             PCB assembly you can integrate into your product
  • NR3620-LT        Economical source for NMEA data and PPS by eliminating sine output.
  • NR2310-GPS     10 channel OCXO GPS locked

Redundancy Switches

  • NS0100          Quad channel switch with built in test
  • NS0100-TC    Time code Redundancy switch




Distribution Amplifiers

  • ND0100         Ref Ten channel 10 MHz reference amplifier
  • ND0103         Three channel 10 MHz reference amplifier
  • ND0100 TC    10 channel time code amplifier
  • ND0103 TC    Three channel time code amplifiers
  • ND0103-P      Three channel pulse amplifier
  • ND0100-P      Ten channel pulse distribution amplifier
  • ND0115          16 channel distribution amplifer
  • NF0100           Frequency Reference Fiber Optic Converter


  • NA103 - Pole Mount Antenna
  • NA106 - MagMount Antenna
  • NO-0100 - Fiber Optic Signal Converter