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NT8700-ROG Dual Time Base Rubidium

Category: References

Dual-Time Base, GNSS locked, Rubidium 10 Channel 10 MHz Reference

Dual Time Assures Accuracy

Our most sophisticated reference uses multiple time bases to assure the integrity of the source. The unit incorporates an ultra-low noise OCXO that is disciplined to a Rubidium reference which is in turn disciplined to the GNSS. The unit has two completely independent GNSS based receivers to discipline the Rubidium reference and provide timing for a gap free frequency counter.  The completely independent counter continually measures the frequency of the reference and reports statistical drift measurements locally and via the Internet. Statistical measurements will quickly manifest a drift condition that will lead to an out of tolerance state. This is the reference you need when integrity and reliability are essential. Record and log reference status continually over the internet.

10 Channel configuration provides low noise outputs and avoids the noise contribution of a separate distribution amplifier. All channels transient and fault protected.

Dual 26 channel GNSS receivers provide for stable performance under weak signal conditions.


  • Dual 26 Channel Time base
  • Ultra-stable Rubidium for outstanding short term stability
  • Internal - independent frequency counter monitors reference
  • 10 channels avoid external distribution amplifer noise contribution



Typical Phase Noise

Offset                   Phase Noise (dBc/Hz)
1 Hz                        -105

10 Hz                      -130

100 Hz                   -130

1Khz                      -150

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