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TCXO PCB Assembly - Easily Embedded

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TCXO based 10 MHz PCB assembly



The NR4300-T  10 MHz frequency reference allows the high stability 10 MHz reference to be integrated directly into your product. 

· temperature stability +- 0.5 ppm

· TCXO based is a lower cost alternative to OCXO for less demanding applications

· locked accuracy <3E-11

· PPS/NMEA option provides access to the NMEA data and pps signal

· auto-cal compensates for long-term drift to provide years of precise performance

· compact 2.3" x  4.3" PCB assembly - ideal for embedded applications

· self-test provides unit status with indicator and relay contact signal

· GPS lock signal and indicator - allows system to detect extended periods of lost lock conditions

· requires only a single 5 volt power input

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