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TCXO 10 MHz Reference

Category: References

Benchtop 10 MHz TCXO Frequency Reference, Single Channel



 - TCXO based frequency reference in a convenient benchtop chassis

 - long-term stability +-1 ppm/year

 - temperature stability < 0.5 ppm

- harmonics well below -30dB

- frequencies other than 10 MHz available

- MTBF (per MIL-STD 217F) in excess of 240,000 hours.

- all inputs and outputs are transient protected

- built-in test monitors all power supplies and crystal performance to detect failures or out of tolerance conditions that could compromise performance

- status relay that is connected to a rear panel connector that opens if a system failure occurs

- an economical, high performace frequency reference with the added benefit of a transportable benchtop chassis for laboratory use

- add portability with a high impact, plastic, waterproof case (order separately)

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