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4 Channel GNSS Locked Reference General Lab Use, Simulcast, Test Systems

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Four Output 10MHz OCXO GNSS Locked Frequency Reference


A precision low noise four channel GNSS locked frequency reference. The unit is also available as a low noise OCXO based reference or as an ultra-stable atomic based reference. Unit provides NMEA and PPS with 20 ns rms accuracy. Front panel indicators provide self-test status, indication of output impedance mismatch and antenna open/fault to facilitate system operational management.  Option synthesizer allows one channel to be programmed to 1.544, 2.048 or 5 MHz.

  • high sensitivity 26 channel GNSS receiver locks in poor signal areas
  • 10 MHz frequency reference stability unlocked 50 ppb/year
  • Four 10 MHz frequency reference outputs, 1 Vrms into 50 Ohms
  • PPS 20ns (rms) accuracy
  • NMEA output for time stamping and related functions
  • outputs are all transient and fault protected - fault status for each  channel drives a front panel LED
  • built-in test circuits monitor critical circuit elements
  • system status is displayed on the front panel and also drives a relay that is available via a rear panel connector
  • low phase noise    -145 dB/Hz @1 KHz
  • optional synthesized channel provides 1.544, 2.048 or 5 MHz.



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