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Portable Battery Powered 10 MHz Reference


Portable 10 MHz OCXO based GNSS Disciplined Frequency Reference




GNSS Locked 10 MHz OCXO based frequency reference locked to a 26 channel multi-satellite system receiver, provides for fast lock under weak signal conditions. Unit produces 10 MHz, PPS, NMEA and a synthesized secondary channel that can range from 14 KHz to 10 MHz. Option NTP Time server.  Auto-calibration maintains output stability in an intermittent GPS environment. Battery provides for in-excess of 4 hours of use. The NR9400 can be powered from an external 12 VDC source. Event inputs record to 100 ns resolution.

  • battery life in excess of 4 hrs.
  • PPS signal output
  • GPS derived compensation coefficients stored for application when GPS lost - effectively eliminating long-term drift and mechanical shock offsets
  • 26 channel high-sensitivity, multi-GNSS receiver. supports TRAIM and various position modes, allowing it to output accurate and robust 1 PPS synchronized to UTC time
  • supports GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, SBAS, active anti-jamming and advanced multipath mitigation functions
  • 10 MHz harmonic distortion <-30dBc
  • optional synthesized secondary channel that can range from 14 KHz to 10 MHz
  • optional NTP time server
  • optional Internet connectivity
  • Event input records to 100 ns resolution
  • Holdover drift < 1 ms/day

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