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High Performance Triple Output OCXO in a Compact Package-Band Gap Reference for Improved Stability

Category: References
SKU: NR3623-O

Triple Output 10 MHz OCXO Low Phase Noise -PPS Source


The NR3623-O was designed for those applications requiring a simple, high performance 10 MHz reference in a very small form factor. The NR3623-O uses the same low phase noise OCXOs as our high end GPS locked frequency references as well as the same low noise amplifiers. The frequency is set using a band gap reference to assure excellent temperature stability and minimal noise contribution. Frequency synthesizer option allows frequencies from 14 kHz to 10 MHz.  PPS simulator allows the unit to operate as PPS source with less than 5 ns of channel skewing. Power can be AC (with optional power adapter) or from -60 to +60 VDC in three ranges. The power supply is a shielded, low electromagnetic emission design and provides electrical isolation between the reference and the incoming power.

  • OCXO frequency stability 5ppb/day,  50 ppb/year (optional < 200 ppb/ 10 year projected)
  • PPS option configures the unit as a three or four channel PPS simulator
  • CMOS option ouputs 3 10 MHz CMOS outputs at either 5 or 3 volt levels
  • self-test provides unit status with indicator and relay contact signal
  • operates from AC power adapter or -60 to +60 VDC in three ranges
  • low phase noise  -145dBc/Hz @ 1 KHz (lower phase noise options available)
  • compact chassis 1.5"H x 5"D x 6.4" W
  • front panel status indicator for built-in test

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