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16 Channel OCXO Based 10 MHz Frequency Reference

Category: References
SKU: NR2316-O

16 Channel OCXO Frequency Reference

Features Full Redundancy in a 1 RU Chassis

16 Channel reference featuring low noise and stabilty. 16 channels meet the needs of most applications without a distribution amplifier. Redundancy option available that provides all switching between amplifiers takes place in the 1 ru chassis. Continuous channel monitoring available locally or via RS232 or Ethernet. Dual power source options for AC and DC power driven systems.

For more demanding conditions the platform can be ordered in a redundant configuration. A second complete set of amplifiers that are switched in and out automatically per user  established  limits with RF solid state relays. All switching is internal thereby simplifying external cabling. The dual power source option allows the unit to be powered from an AC or DC source and automatically switches to the active source. Dual internal power supplies option boost the amplifier MTBF.

  • 16 transient and fault protected channels with fault indicators on the front panel.
  • Full redundancy options- dual amplifiers, power supplies and power sources .
  • Option-operates from AC or DC power sources independently or redundantly.
  • Monitor and set alert limits on each output.
  • Two-stage amplifier design isolates the source from the amplifier outputs thereby protecting the source.
  • Redundant amplifiers coupled internally with RF relays to simplify system cabling
  • Options for stability and phase noise performance







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