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NR3620-EXT Frequency Multiplier/Divider

Category: Frequency Multipliers & Dividers

Frequency Reference Multiplier - Divider

Generates a Secondary Reference from a Primary Reference

Many systems require more than one frequency reference. The NR3620-EXT and NR2110-EXT allow an existing frequency reference in a system to be multiplied or divided to meet a special need. Using a synthesized reference eliminates the need for a secondary locked reference and also prevents low frequency aliasing of two references that are related by an integer. The new reference is created through a Kalman filter that is has frequency dividers on both the reference and the VCO outputs. This configuration allows considerable flexibility between the source and the output. Fatory configurable from 1 MHz to 100 MHz


NR3620 EXT


Available in either rack or modular chassis

AC or DC powered

Configurable over the frequency range of 1 to 100 MHz- sine wave


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