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NR4400 PCB assembly GNSS Locked Frequency Reference

Category: PCB ASSEMBLY-PC104

10 MHz GNSS Locked OCXO based frequency Reference PCB assembly

PPS, NMEA with Auto-Calibration


Compact GNSS locked reference designed to be easily integrated into your system to provide precision 10 MHz, PPS and NMEA for master timing. The unit features a 26 channel high-sensitivity, high-accuracy Multi-GNSS receiver. Supports TRAIM, GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, SBAS, Active Anti-Jamming and Advanced Multipath Mitigation Functions. Auto-calibration stores the most recent compensation coeffiecients dramtically minimizing long-term drift. Single 5 Vdc power supply simplies system integration. Status signals alert the system to BIT failures or loss of GNSS signal.

  • 26 Channel GNSS receiver
  • Simple integration requires only a single 5 vdc power supply.
  • NMEA at full rs 232 levels (logic levels available option)
  • Status signals alert of a long-term GNSS loss.
  • Low phase noise
  • Frequencies to 100 MHz available.



Typical Phase Noise

Offset                   Phase Noise (dBc/Hz)
1 Hz                        -95

10 Hz                      -120

100 Hz                   -150

1Khz                      -152

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