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Frequency References

A diverse family of reference products - from the low cost TCXO to low noise atomic references disciplined to GNSS. Modular references are available that can operate from -60 to +60 Vdc in remote towers to rack mount atomic sixteen channel references offering high stability, low noise and reliability with remote monitoring via SNMP. Reverse polarity protection, transient and fault protection and conservative design practices enable a product that will provide years of service. Kits available that include antenna, cables and power supply. Several features can be customized at the factory - frequencies other than 10 MHz either from a unique crystal or with a built-in synthesizer that is GNSS-locked. Time stamping capability to 100ns resolution. To meet unique requirements, we have shipped product with output features requiring a custom amplitude, square wave output, high voltage and high current drive.

Reference summary

Modular DC Powered

modular powersource


GPS GNESS Locked Reference

OCXO Based References

ocxo ref

Rubidium Sources
rubidium frequency  reference

Portable Precision Reference with Time Stamp

High Resolution Time Stamp




Novus PCB Assembly Card

Ultra-Low Noise Frequency References

NR2110 OGP ang 2 er