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Frequency References

A diverse family of reference products - 10 MHz to 100 MHz. From the low cost TCXO to low noise atomic references disciplined to GNSS. Modular references that can operate from -60 to +60 Vdc in remote towers to rack mount atomic multi-channel references offering high stability, low noise and reliability. Reverse polarity protection, transient and fault protection and conservative design practices enable a product that will provide years of service. Kits availble that include antenna, cables and power supply. A number of features can be customized at the factory- frequencies other than 10 MHz, ampliftude, square wave output, high voltage, high current drive to name a few.

Reference summary

modular powersource

Modular DC Powered

Low noise OCXO disciplined to the GNSS.Built-in test and GNSS lock status provides simple system integration to GPSDO status. Wide input operating range from -60 to +60  Vdc. Auto-calibration compensates for long-term drift. Full- RS232 NMEA data and PPS pulse. One, two and three channel platforms- kits available. see the 100 MHz NR3620-100

GPS GNESS Locked Reference


To achieve even greater long-term stability, the Rubidium reference is locked to the GPS/GNSS.  This combination gives you the best of three technologies - the stability of Rubidium, the low noise of an OCXO and the long-term stability of GPS/GNSS.

ocxo ref

OCXO References

Precision SC cut crystals provide excellent stability and phase noise. Internal self-test monitors the power supplies and the oven to make sure a difficult to detect oven failure. 1,2,3,4 and 10 channel designs.
rubidium frequency  reference

Rubidium Sources

Offering a stability of less than 1 ppb/year, Rubidium is a strong alternative to a GNSS locked reference when an OCXO is not good enough. Novus offers 1, 4 and 10 channel units. Low Phase noise options available that lock a ultrs-low noise OCXO to the Rubidium source. GNSS locked Rubidium references address applications with demanding long-term stabilty needs.

High Resolution Time Stamp

High Resolution Stamp

Atomic stability in a portable reference provides 10 MHz, synthesized secondary channel, simulated NMEA, simulated PPS, NTP time server with a stability of < 10 usec/day. Dual trigger inputs drive a 100 ns resolution time stamp that can be programmed to send trigger data over the Internet.

Novus PCB Assembly Card

PCB Assembly

Integrate a precision 10 MHz reference into your system. Operates from a single 5 Vdc supply. NMEA-0183 at full rs232 levels and PPS.  GNSS lock status and built-in test signals for monitoring. Simple mounting and connector options.

portable references

Portable References

Timing where you need it. GNSS locked, built-in antenna and powered by a lithium battery. 10 MHz and secondary synthesized channel. External trigger inputs intiates time/position stamping that can be emailed to your computer. NTP time server option. PPS and NMEA simulator sources provde data even when GNSS signals are completely lost.

NR2110 OGP ang 2 er

Dual-Time Base Reference

Completely redundant time base as the source for an internal frequency counter. The measured frequency is displayed on the front panel and is also available via an internet port for logging. The unit can also be programmed to send an email if the reference becomes out of tolerance. Now you can explain to the auditor how you know your reference is correct!

Novus Dual Time Base