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Related Equipment- 100 MHz, 50 MHz

The core timing accuracy of our reference products makes them the ideal back-bone for timing critical measurements. ” How do you know your frequency reference is working properly?” With a completely redundant time base driving an internal frequency counter, you can measure the reference performance continuously and can log that data via the internet for as long as required.

50 MHz Ultra-Low Phase Noise Locked Reference

50 MHz Ultra-Low Noise Source

The unit features an ultra low noise OCXO that can be mechanically isolated to reduce mechanically induced phase noise. Available as GNSS locked or locked to a 10 MHz reference or PPS. Available in single thru 6 channels.Rubidium based designs available.


nr8403 ra4 f
50 MHz Modular- Three channels, OCXO and Rb

The NR8403 is a modular reference with up to 3 outputs. An OCXO based or Rubidium time base available. Ultra low phase noise. Unit can be GNSS locked, 10 MHz or external PPS synchronized.  

100 MHz GNSS Locked Reference

100 MHz GNSS Locked Frequency Reference

The NR3620-100 offers a laboratory reference featuring a low noise 100 MHz OCXO locked to the GNSS. Low noise combined with high stability. NMEA port and PPS output driven by a 26 channel GNSS receiver. Auto-calibration minimizes long-term drift.