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Distribution Amplifiers

Novus Distribution amplifiers provide a multi-channel solution for complex systems. Low noise designs preserve the integrity of either your pulse source or frequency reference. Transient and fault protection keep your system on-line. Three, six and ten channel designs can be daisy chained and combined to meet disbursed system needs. Wide bandwidth designs (optional DC to 12 MHz) offer flexibility. All inputs and outputs transient and fault protected. The NF0100 adds fiber optic capability to your distribution network for long-distance clients and/or high noise environments. Lock-In amplifier options allows the amplifier to restore a reference noise level while maintaining synchronization with the master reference.

10 Channel References

10 Channel Distribution Amplifier Reference

3 Channel References

3 Channel Distribution Amplifier Reference

10 Channel Pulsed

10 Channel Distribution Amplifier Pulsed

3 Channel Pulsed

3 Channel Distribution Amplifier Pulsed

10 Channel Low-Noise Distribution Amplifier, 5 or 10 MHz

NR2110 OGP ang 2 er

6 Channel Amplifiers


Sine to LVDS Converter

9 Channel PPS and Reference Amplifier


generis rack with display sm

Reference Signal Converters