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9 Channel PPS/Reference distribution amplifier

Category: Amplifiers
SKU: ND2309

9 Channel Pulse-Reference Distribution Amplifier- PPS and 10/5 MHz


The ND2309 was designed to meet the unique challenges associated with a platform that delivers PPS and 10 MHz. The two signals are in many ways mutually incompatible. The PPS requires high pulse energy rich in harmonics while the reference amplifier must be extremely low noise. The ND2309 solves this problem with three completely independent subassemblies that isolate power and signals to provide high drive PPS and 10 MHz in a single rackmount chassis.


  • <25ns propagation delay
  • skewing between channels typically < 5 ns
  • 3.3 or 5 volt CMOS - output impedance < 15 ohm (50 ohm loads)
  • rise and fall times < 25 ns
  • local adjustment available allows ~+-0.2 volt to compensate for local system needs
  • fault status for each channel
  • fault and transient protected
  • self-test indicator and signals for remote monitoring
  • PPS distribution to synchronize Sofware Defined Radios (SDR)

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