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10 Channel Novus Rubidium Reference

SKU: NR2310D-R

10 Channel Rubidium Frequency Reference

Stability of Rubidium < 5E-11/month

Fifteen channels typically meets the needs of most systems eliminating the need for a distribution amplifier and minimizing noise degradation. All channels are continuously monitored and displayed locally and accessible via RS232 or Ethernet.

  • 10 transient and fault protected channels with local indicators on the front and rear panel.
  • Option-operates from AC or DC power sources..
  • Monitor and set alert limits on each output.
  • aging less than <5E-11/month
  • temperature stability <5E-10 0 to 50C
  • Warm-up time , 12 min
  • SNMP option available
  • Optional PPS synthesizer provides a PPS signal with less than 100 ps of P-P jitter.

 Phase Noise Novus Rubidium Reference






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