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Atomic References

Rubidium references, unlike a mechanical resonant system, offer a stability that is over fifty times that of an OCXO. Our standard stability is less than 1 ppb/year with options that allow even better performance. We have two basic platforms for our atomic products - the NR2110 single channel and the NR2310 ten channel 10 MHz reference. These platforms incorporate low noise amplifiers that are fault and transient protected, low noise power supplies and built-in test.

Our basic Rubidium references offer excellent stability at a moderate price. Atomic reference phase noise levels may not be acceptable for many applications. To provide a stable low noise source, a low noise OCXO is incorporated that is disciplined to the Rubidium reference.

Ultra-Low Noise



Multi Channel Atomic Source

Single Channel

Single Channel Atomic Source

GPS GNESS Locked Reference