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10 MHz GPS and GNSS Disciplined Portable Frequency References and Timing Sources
Portable Frequency Reference

Portable Frequency Reference

As a portable frequency reference, the NT9400 offers the robustness a portable source must have but also affords the performance level of a laboratory grade device. The unit has a built in GNSS receiver for disciplining either an OCXO or atomic clock. Once the frequency reference is disciplined, the unit can be used in either a GNSS denied environment. Internet capabilaity allows the unit to be programmed to monitor either dual external alerts or PPS signals to a defined error limit. When an event is detected or error limit exceeded, a E-mail can be programmed to be sent with included data. Monitor your remote locations to know if your timing assumptions are correct.

With the Cesium reference, not only do you have a precise frequency reference, the PPS is aligned to UTC

  • Timing accuracy allows for time and position stamping to a resolution of 100ns
    with drift rates of less 0.5 usec/hour
  • Dual event inputs allow two events to be measured differentially to a resolution
    of 100ns. Monitor local PPS source and alert loss of lock.
  • Precision 10 Mhz frequency reference
  • Built-in frequency synthesizer allows for secondary locked frequency from
    14 KHz to 10 MHz
  • PPS pulse for synchronization.
  • NMEA source that simulates NMEA when GPS is lost
  • NTP time server –simulates when NTP is lost.
  • Internet accessible time stamps



NR9400 offset copy



NR9400 10 MHz Portable GPS Disciplined Reference







GPS Locked 10 MHz TCXO based frequency reference locked to a 26 channel multi- satellite system receiver provides for fast lock under weak signal conditions. Unit produces 10 MHz, PPS, NMEA and a synthesized secondary channel that can range from 14 KHz to 10 MHz.  Auto calibration maintains output stability in an intermittent GNSS environment. Battery provides for in excess of 8 hours of use. Unit can be powered from an external 12 Vdc source.


- Battery life in excess of 8 hrs

· PPS signal output

·GPS derived compensation coefficients stored for application when GPS lost. Effectively eliminate long-term drift and mechanical shock offsets.

· 26 channel high-sensitivity, Multi-GNSS receiver. Supports TRAIM and various position modes, allowing it to output accurate and robust 1PPS synchronized to UTC time.

· Supports GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, SBAS, Active Anti-Jamming and Advanced Multipath Mitigation Functions.

· 10 MHz Harmonic distortion <-30dBc

· Optional synthesized secondary channel that can range from 14 KHz to 10 MHz