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Redundancy switch 2 signal pairs

Category: Amplifiers

Quad Channel Redundancy Switch


Novus frequency reference redundancy switches are a quad channel design. Instead of a single pair of signals being switched, the Novus switch handles two separate signal pairs per channel.The most common appliaction is to switch the PPS along with the 10 MHz sine wave in a single 1 ru package. The has built in monitoring or can be driven by an external status signal. Ethernet option reports status as well as remote control.

- activation/selection of the active channel is decided automatically or manually

- responds to external and/or internal signal validation

- the user can select either external or internal status - or both

- manual selection of either channel or the automatic mode.  

- secondary channel is slaved to the primary

- the primary channel operates from 20 KHz to 10 MHz up to 1.5 Vrms.

- the primary channels feature buffer amplifiers to improve impedance matching and protect the sources

- adjustable gain on each signal, adjustable alert levels

- secondary channel is rated DC to 1 MHz with a max current of 100 milliamps

-  inputs and outputs are fault and ESD protected

- Galvanic isolation is available to avoid ground loops.  (F> 100 KHz)

- built-in-test to detect internal and external conditions that could compromise performance - alert status is indicated on high intensity LEDs on the front panel and status output signal available on the rear panel


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